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Session 4 – Becoming A Generalist

October 27th

Previous Sessions

Session 1 – Becoming Powerful

October 6th

  1. (P. 16) Think of a childhood moment when you were entrusted with power. How did it feel? How did it go?
  2. (P. 17)  How is your Kingdom? What is a specific aspect or dimension of your current kingdom where you feel lack and are in need of God’s particular intervention and care.
  1. Guard 15 minutes before and after for transition and to align with God in preparation and taking action.
  2. Ask these two questions to others in your world as a way to engage.
  3. Becoming a King book, chapter one, study guide session one.
  4. How is your kingdom? Unpack this question as deep as you can throughout the week.

Session 2 – Becoming a Son

October 13th

  1. (P. 43) Redemptive Remembering:
    Think back over the last few days or the last few decades. recalling and experience of God fathering you,
    even if at the time you may not have had the capacity to receive or respond as a son and daughter?
  2. (P. 47) I shared the story of spilling vitamins all over the floor in frustration that surfaced was pressure
    and scarcity. I was living under and believing about God. Think of a recent time where something went wrong.
    What was your knee-jerk reaction and what could that reaction be trying to reveal about what you have come
    to believe about God as Father?
  1. Practice: Begin each day in
    bed with this prayer:
    • You are my father and I am
      your son. I receive a spirit of sonship.
    • Remind me of the
      particular ways you fathered me yesterday.
  2. Study: Becoming a King
    Chapter two, Study Guide Session two.
  3. Watch: Choose one film
    • Lion King
    • Mask of Zorro
    • Boys are Back
  4. Engage With Others:
    • What’s your knee jerk reaction when something goes wrong?
    • What’s not working?

Session 3 – Becoming The Man You Were Born To Be

October 20th

  1. (p.65, #5): Describe your true self through something particular you enjoy (love language known by God)
  2. (p. 64, #1): – Describe some aspect of your false self. How and where do you hide?

Taking Action

  1. Practice: Chair of Validation – Stand behind a chair. Envision yourself in that chair. You embody someone who loves you very deeply (Pet, Friend, Spouse, Mentor). How would this person describe you? How would they celebrate who you truly are?
  2. Excavate: Becoming a King Chapter three and four, Study Guide Session three.
  3. Pray: P. 77 BAK Study Guide – Romans 7/8 False Self / True Self Meditation
  4. Watch: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Notice the false self and the true self and the civil war. Notice the process of becoming his true self, and observe the impact it has on relationships entrusted to his care (move again, move away, move toward).
  5. Engage With Others:
    What do you hope people would say about you?
    What do you fear they would say?
  6. Share
    BGS Podcast 014 / 015 Getting Naked –

Encourage your friends to watch these and join us next week!

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