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knife collection

Friends, you’ve found yourself at another life-changing doorway back to the narrow road.

A man and a knife. That man could save the world. At least, he was intended to.

A man was intended to walk ever deeper into a blend of fierce mastery and determined love, both qualities growing in the context of deepening union with his heavenly Father. In fact, fully restored masculinity is part of God’s answer to the trouble on earth. A wholehearted man walking in intimacy with the heart of God was meant to be one of the most powerful weapons to bring forth life as it was meant to be. A knife can become a physical expression of this spiritual reality. It’s not as much about the knife as it is about what comes through the knife when it is wielded as strength in love. When you pull it out, it’s as if to say, “I may not have the answer to the question at hand, but I am here. I choose to show up, to risk, to engage for a greater good.”

I want to invite you to participate in two courageous acts, when it is time. The first is to participate with God in bestowing a knife on you. Let it mark this mile in your consenting to the path and process of becoming a king. Receive the gift from him and ask him for his personal words for you. Second, I want to invite you to begin participating in the practice of bestowing pocket knives on other men.

We’ve designed a signature collection of Become Good Soil knives in the hopes of arming a generation of men and helping us all recover that masculine soul which was meant to be dangerous, for good.

All our knives are sources through our friends at DLT Trading Company. They handle all the details.

the knives

BGS Kershaw Scallion

BGS Buck Vantage Rosewood

BGS Case Sodbuster

BGS Kershaw Link Tanto

BGS Kershaw Misdirect

BGS Benchmade 590BK